Lisa is a rare gift to work with. The profound scope of her knowledge is complimented by a nimble creative spirit – but it was her generous heart that allowed our grass-roots nonprofit to benefit from her professionalism. On behalf of the entire organization, but most of all our 400 Honduran students, gracias Lisa!

Lisa’s genuine excitement for her work was apparent at every step of the process. Her vision opened our eyes to new potential and refreshed a stagnant concept of our organization’s marketing. She took the time to carefully walk us through the process and gave us detailed answers to each of our questions. When she passed on the finished marketing strategy to us we had a true sense of ownership of the product.

Michael Buttram
Program Coordinator, Alternate Breaks, Colorado State University

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lisa is a super sharp strategist and brilliant thinker. she helped our small firm focus our brand messaging and better understand our competition. lisa also happens to be a wonderful person to be around – she exudes passion and charm!

Sara Cantor Aye
Founder, Greater Good Studio

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we brought lisa in to help us do some early brand work, and she was incredible. not only did she help us identify some old characteristics that we were holding on to, but she helped us identify new ways to relate to our own users through our brand.

i would love to work with her again!

Desiree Vargas Wrigley
Founder, CEO / CSO, GiveForward

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Lisa is one of the smartest planning and research minds I could recommend. She has the unique ability to identify trends far ahead of others while making tactical recommendations that spark innovation and excitement.

her passion for her clients is contagious in a way you rarely experience. Lisa’s passion is proof to me that marketers have an incredible capacity to do amazing good in the world.

Tom Dahl
Practice Leader, Slalom Build

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When I joined the board of a performing arts organization, lisa took a lot of time advising me on how to move forward with marketing, website building, and evaluating relationships with other organizations.

her knowledge is invaluable, and even a brief consultation put me and my organization on a better path.

Joseph Grobelny
Information Professional & Program Coordinator

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I refer business to Lisa because she’s an expert in everything branding, positioning, and messaging related. Her expertise is so diverse, she can work with Fortune 50s to Startups to family-run local businesses.

No matter the client, no matter the challenge, she provides insightful, creative, and metric altering results.

Meghan Hoover
Founder & CEO, SceneSave

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