Backpack Wine

Core Issue

To draw in investors and inform a go-to-market strategy, the market opportunity for canned wine and the brand narrative needed to be explored and defined in detail.


The client was winding down a great career in the spirits industry; he knew how to find the right grapes and had access to new canning technology, but wanted a brand to bring the story together.


The first step we took towards defining the market opportunity was with secondary research, pulling from industry trends and periodicals, competitive analysis, and taking a stab at identifying white space for the brand narrative to find its voice and niche.


Primary research

To validate the findings, I recruited and facilitated four focus groups that covered several swaths of incomes, ages, wine knowledge, and social interests - the main commonality being self-identified as positively social and being an enjoyer of wine.


From the groups, I was then able to review their feedback regarding key features and benefits, positioning statements, and mood boards to finalize a point of view that I could present back to the wine team. With some tweaking at the end to bring the brand ideals and consumer opinions together, we had a fully fleshed idea to work with and take forward into content and marketing strategy.



  • Developed pitch, social media, and PR materials with the brand team

  • Wrote a creative brief and sourced packaging design with amazing designer Laurent Valet

  • Backpack Wine is available to ship to 36 states across the country and can be found in Chicago professional sports stadiums