Greater Good Studio


Greater Good Studio is a strategic design firm focused on advancing equity by creating human-centered programs, tools and experiences, and by teaching design to change-makers in organizations and communities.

core issue

In the quickly expanding Human Centered Design space, Greater Good Studio was trying to solve two problems: attracting new talent in the human centered design space; and figuring out how to explain their brand differentiation quickly in professional conversations, such as at conferences.


We coordinated an immersive session and workshopped the total brand experience over two days, including content, touch points, experience funnel, and brand differentiation. I provided an audit of the competitive space to inform the team, and facilitated a conversation covering information and content hierarchy. We filled out worksheets together to figure out what aspects of the brand were unique or especially pertinent to those newest to the brand.

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  • The Studio was equipped with a content strategy, channel strategy, and additional thought starters to help flesh out an annual content calendar

  • Their refreshed social media channels had a renewed focus to show behind-the-scenes in their design thinking for prospective hires

  • Every member of Greater Good Studio was able to confidently construct a sentence that followed the structure of “At Greater Good Studio, I [role description], so that [role outcome].”

  • The tagline, fact sheet, and other brand assets were updated with new, more pointed language to stand out to prospective employees, partners and clients

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Lisa is a super sharp strategist and brilliant thinker. She helped our small firm focus our brand messaging and better understand our competition. Lisa also happens to be a wonderful person to be around - she exudes passion and charm!

Sarah Cantor Aye, Founder