Progressive Conspiracy

Workshops, facilitation, connection, evolution.

With all the agency knowledge rolling around in my head, partnering with clients directly has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring. From nonprofits, to start-ups, to international shops, I’ve helped clients identify marketing opportunities and enact findings with efficiency and brand awareness - leading to growth in revenue, capacity, and engagement.

The blending of processes brings focus to clients’ awareness of their own market verticals, better consumer engagement via media channel and search optimization, and generating engaging content strategies to build their unique audiences.


Vibes (yes, where I ended up working full time)

Chipotle, Bar Louie, Pep Boys, Lane Bryant, Zales

  • Supported creative services team with traditional planning functions, while developing the role within the agency.

  • Provided insight to drive innovation and incremental growth across mobile executions.

  • Partnered with analytics team to evolve monthly analytic scorecard reports and engineer mobile personas for unique client cases.


The First Years

  • Redefined ‘millennial mom’ target for marketing team, adjusting communications and SEO.

  • Led to media planning, recruiting and briefing a creative team, and developing materials TFY used in retailer meetings to gain funding for their updated brand look, feel, tone, and personality.

  • Reconnected a year later to review the brand performance and craft an updated brand promise to continue evolving high-performing marketing efforts.


RMC International

  • Partnered with COO to redesign RFP response process, proposal templates, business collateral and site content.


The Urban Canopy

  • Uncovered insights from newsletter recipients and existing volunteer network that lead to overhauling key programs, site, and volunteer outreach to be more consistent, planned, robust, engaged and networked.


Greater Good Studio

  • Led studio in a two-day workshop to redefine their market positioning in preparation of recruitment efforts.

  • Output included new positioning and digital strategy to exemplify the team philosophy in-market to potential candidates.


Give Forward

  • Lead workshops exploring brand personality, areas of growth, and market perceptions to determine ideal tone of voice across social media.


Dispatch Music / Foundations Artist Management

  • Promoted music documentary The Last Dispatch, providing art direction, communication strategy, and intern direction for flash mobs, MySpace distribution, co-promotion, and philanthropic efforts.

  • Film premiere achieved second highest gross-per-screening nationwide, and is still shown on HBO.

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