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Client facing, idea generating, collaborative leadership.

There are a bunch of great shops below, and it’s largely in part because I came of age in a funny time - the Great Recession led to more than just a couple layoffs, and that structure still plagues the industry. Regardless, like so many great compatriots, we keep going back for more because we believe in the craft and the people we choose to spend our time with.

What I’ve come to love about my career is that I’ve been impacted by amazing people. I’ve seen so many ways to solve problems, answer - and ask - questions, and build programs. I love puzzles, problem solving, and more than anything what passions drive people… and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pursue all those things from countless angles.


Team work makes the dream work.

- John C. Maxwell



Resource + Ammirati

Associate Director, Integrated Strategy
Kohl's, Purina Cat Chow, Bush's Best Beans, TENA, Internal Department Development

  • Scoped and oversaw cross-disciplinary integration within the company, ensuring all disciplines played together intelligently and efficiently to manifest POVs and creative solutions for clients’ business problems.

  • Adapted and applied the OPEN Toolkit to foster dialogue, insight, and planning with internal and client teams; piloted new agency best practices and communicated findings to greater Strategy team and agency leadership.

  • Led social teams during clients’ annual planning processes, providing strategic recommendations for channels and topics in 2015-16 marketing efforts.


Ogilvy Action, Senior Shopper Planner
2/12 - 3/13

SC Johnson: air care, home cleaning, home storage, pest control

  • Provided shopper behavior insight across channels and recommendations for activating habits; shared learnings via Ogilvy’s Fusion and DO Brief processes to frame path-to-purchase among teams, clients, and retail stakeholders.

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Young & Rubicam, Senior Brand Strategist
2/10 - 6/11

Craftsman, Kenmore, Die Hard, Barilla

  • Mined consumer data via Brand Asset Valuator toolkit that led Craftsman, Kenmore, and DieHard to new activations of brand tone and elasticity.

  • Crafted national and global positioning for Barilla’s new Pasta Sauce lines, coordinating with teams in Italy, New York, and Illinois.


Havas Worldwide, Brand Strategist
3/09 - 2/10

Quill, Off the Street Club, Sprint Enterprise Solutions

  • Developed briefs and thought leadership across Sprint’s B2B and B2C segments; created B2C categories, including identifying needs and language to engage Small Business, Women in Leadership, and Green Initiatives.

  • Leveraged Creative Business Idea model to shift target segmentation of Quill’s core B2B audience, refining their overall communication strategy.


Leo Burnett, Brand Strategist
3/08 - 3/09

Keebler, Famous Amos, Townhouse, Cheez-it, GoGurt, Peace Games, Humankind Workshop

  • Forged workshop series as an extension of the HumanKind Philosophy, helping lead national brands to discover their higher-order purpose in modern culture. Tested workshops with Symantec, leading to new levels of collaboration and engagement between the brand and the agency.

  • Evolved Cheez-it brand personality for their Global Guidelines Brand Book, reigniting national communication strategy and in-store communications.


Wunderman, Brand Strategist
10/06 - 3/08; 6/03 - 4/05

Microsoft, Butterball, Sears, Burger King, Sharpie, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Rock for Kids

  • Developed rebirth of Burger King Kids’ Club from concept to production, leading to new engagement strategy and digital communication platforms.

  • Briefed and championed the architecture and redesign of the Butterball Holiday Microsite in English and Spanish, managing creative, digital, and client teams.

  • Provided in-depth Millennial report to inform projects such as Office Depot Back to School and Sharpie Make Your Mark programs.

  • Piloted Sears first digital newsletter campaign; holiday e-mail blast of 2003 printed in the New York Times as exemplary of direct marketing.

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