celebrating the simple pleasures of being

Associate Director of Strategy at Vibes.
Board Member of EPIC.
24 countries traveled, Chicago based.
Philosopher, builder, speaker, connector.


i’ve been working for sixteen years in brand building. Started as an agency kid in chicago, and brought the lessons learned to nonprofits, kitchen tables, and international efforts to make the world a little better – always with community, empathy, and actionable maintenance leading the thought process.


to help spread better understanding of storytelling and brand management, i’ve started breaking down some of these lessons into courses on teachable – because why should agencies have all the fun? the courses are intended for those new to marketing and junior strategy / planning roles.

there’s also a new podcast from myself and a few other ad / marketing pros to pick apart what’s going on in our industry. give it a listen, and let us know if you’d like to ask a question – or even sit in for an episode.

unscripted, unedited, first round is on us.

what’s this all about?
how i geek out on cultural ethnography.

that’s the practice of studying a culture from within that culture’s point of view.
i want to help everyone find their tribe and feel connected.


here’s what some folks have to say about the experience: