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In the January 2018, a story circulated that enraged a lot of Chicagoans - particularly those around our neighborhood.

original post:

original post:

As soon as we found out, we ran to Five Below and grabbed some gloves, hats, and blankets; as we brought them to the underpass, we got to know our local folks and asked them what would support them best in the way of immediate supplies. They said something portable and hygiene focused, as they had an easier time getting food than baby wipes or toothpaste. 

For the first round we just went to Five Below and Target to stock up, and got about 18 Goodybags out the door. Then we took it to Facebook so others could get involved.

Since then, we've done two more rounds of bags, a second winter haul and a summer alternate, where we made a couple changes for the season such as swapping out the Hot Hands for Sunscreen.

If you'd like to contribute, you can send supplies directly to our house from an Amazon wish list: